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Celestial Duo Nova Rejuvenation Starter Kit

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THE IMMORTAL GLOW GETTER, STARTER KIT. Have all the illuminating benefits of retinol without the drawbacks? Meet NOVA. Dual action phytoextracts, Bakuchiol and Bidens Pilosa, promote healthy rejuvenation, improve elasticity, and rebalance oiliness without sensitivities. We doubled the retinol mimicking actives to quickly target fine lines and wrinkles without causing sensitivities. We integrate phytoceramides and squalane into our amino acid matrix, to create a protective reservoir of moisturization, preventing flaking and dullness. Pomegranate seed oil nourishes and imparts antioxidants for a youthful glow that is out-of-this-world. Contains a container and a NOVA (Renew + Revitalize) Jelly Serum Bar NT/WT 10.0g

MAIN BENEFITS: Tretinoin/retinol/vitamin A mimicker, wrinkle filling, dark spot lightener, acne pore banisher.

• Two Month Supply = 120 Facial Uses 2x Daily

• Applied Day or Night (swipe directly to skin)

• For All Skin Types (dermatologist tested)

• Patent Pending