How to make Toum at home

How to make Toum at home

The one and only condiment I can not live without. To put it simply it is the garlic lovers dream and it is SO easy to make. It’s technically the emulsification of oil and garlic activated by lemon and the action of alternating the oil and lemon. I’ve been told by a very wise woman, the queen of toum, that it is very important NOT to use olive oil because it is too heavy and choose a day with low humidity or it will “fall apart” or separate. I’ve had success with grape seed oil and being inside with my mini split AC units seems to help. Here are the quick and dirty steps to making your new best friend:

1 cup garlic

2+ cups oil

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 teaspoon salt

Add Garlic & salt to food processor. Scrap sides and blend again x2 or x3

Pour 1/2 cup oil (wicked slowly) then add table spoon of lemon juice

Repeat until oil and juice are gone
Blend until it looks like Mayo