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Bai-Li Deodorant

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Bai-Li Deodorant

Ingredients: *coconut oil, * shea butter, * arrowroot starch, magnesium, hydroxide, candelilla wax, essential oils, * jojoba oil & shelf stable probiotics.

*certified organic 

Directions: Remove top and gently push the bottom of tube up. Apply desired amount onto clean, dry underarms Reapply as needed. 

Tips & Tricks: 

1. Lightly press your thumb in a circular motion, around the inner edge of the bottom on the tube. This will help work the deodorant up without force and evenly. 

2. If your deodorant gets pushed up too high you can ease it back down by tapping the bottom of the tube on the surface. 

3. If it's chilly outside you may have to warm your deodorant. Do this by rolling the tube in between both hands for about 20 seconds. 

4. Do not leave your deodorant in a hot car. It is oil based and will melt. 

5. 2.5 oz. will last 1 - 3 months depending on usage.